About The Gang

After the 2050 Government Crypto shutdown 2,905 Zombie Gang Members joined forces to fight against all they believe in. The streets were full of destruction while families became homeless and helpless. Teens began to run wild and cause havoc. The zombies knew they needed to find some way to help shelter and feed the locals to keep their beloved Solana Ghettos afloat. They began using the money from their cryptojuana sales to build homes and feed the locals of the ghettos. They started programs to keep the teens stay out of trouble. They did everything to ensure the salvation of their town. 

Help us, help the homeless and teens of our homeland Orlando, Florida A.K.A Solana Ghettos and buy a Infected Gang Member on mint day! 

Our Roadmap

1) Mint Reimbursement Reminder
Congratulations to all OG mint holders! You are going to be rewarded for being an OG supporter in our community! We are planning on giving back to those that have been here to support us, our project, and the community. If you minted at least 2 Infected Gang Members you will be included in the 20% reimbursement distribution! This is ONLY available for the OG minters and OG supporters of Infected Gang Members. This is not for anybody that has purchased one off of MagicEden or the marketplace.  This is only a one time reimbursement distribution. 

2) Homeless Donation
As soon as we release the mint reimbursement, we plan to give back proceeds from our mint earnings and donate those proceeds into charity. We plan to use $5,000 from mint earnings to donate to https://www.centralfloridahomeless.org/take-action . This is a charity for the homeless in Central Florida. It has been our dream and goal to be able to give back, and help other families that are in need during these times. We plan to continue to donate to charity in the future development of our project of your choice. We will create a thread for what donation you all would like to donate to. We will continue to make donations throughout the future development of our project!

3) New Years AirDrop!
We wanted to host an event for the celebration of the New Year! We are welcoming you all. This upcoming New Years on Jan 3rd-4th, 2022 , We plan on giving you all something special! We are going to do an airdrop event to all holders of the Infected Gang. If you are a holder that has an Infected Gang Member you will receive our Twitter banner! If you hold on to your Twitter banner airdrop and hold and own over 5+ Infected Gang Members you will later down the road be qualified for a special drop that will be limited! Trust me, you want access! 

4) DAO Wallet
We have a community Phantom wallet that has been created, inside the community wallet we have stored away 10% from the initial mint earnings. Monthly, we will distribute 15% of all the secondary sales from royalties into the community Phantom wallet. These funds are going to be used under your discretion. Would you like the funds to be used for SOL giveaways? Maybe instead of doing SOL giveaway we can use the funds to purchase and giveaway some Bluechip SOL NFT? We can do weekly or monthly community sweeps where we all hop in voice chat and can snipe rarities together, and sweep floor together, de list together as a community! If you guys have any more ideas that you would like to add into our future preparedness for the project, let us know! Send in your ideas! 

5) Comic Book & Music Video Production
We have shown you all a sneak peak of the music video production that we have coming out. We have been working hard to make our own music video with good beats, catchy lyrics, and a song that people will want to be playing throughout their workouts, car drives, and morning or night walks! We want this to be fun and entertaining, we want to bring hype! We cant forget the Comic Book collection that we have coming out. The Comic Book collection will be interactive, meaning you can click on the page and it will flip pages so you can read through it. If you are holding more than 2+ Infected Gang Members you will be able to enter the contest to submit your Infected Gang Member characters into the Comic Book!  There will be a 500 mint supply for Comic Books. Any winners of the Comic Book collection will be able to put their character into their Comic Book! If you have any ideas for the Comic Book collection reach out to an admin and let us know!

6) Trap House Mint/Airdrop
All Infected Gang Members need a place to live! Even though we are out in the Solana Ghettos, we will make it out the trenches together! We will all be Kingpins one day. In roughly about 3-4 weeks we will be airdropping Trap Houses for everyone who holds 5+  Infected Gang Members and an Infected Banner or 10+ IGM! The rest will be available for mint after airdrop! You will be able to store your Infected Gang Members in your Trap Houses in the near future. Our team is working on implementing a way for you to bring your characters into your homes in the metaverse! This will be a unique addition to the collection, holders will find out why in the future development of the project! Also every Trap House is worth 3,4 or 5 Infected Gang Members in your wallet depending on the size of the house.This utility of the trap house will be huge for our future staking plans.

7) Portals Key, Enviro Pass & Metaverse Integration
As you have seen in sneak peaks we have purchased a Portal key giving us our own space in the Metaverse. We also decided to snag ourselves an Enviro Gallery Pass for the community! We plan to implement some cool ideas that we can coordinate with them in the future! By us purchasing a Portal Key Card we are able to design our room however we would like. We plan on bringing you all the best lounge to vibe in. It will be our place to bond with each other, we can host events in there for our community to get to bond together and we can create ideas together for the project in our Portals room. This will be a place that you will not want to leave once you get there. We are working on the 3D integreation of our own NFT collection Infected Gang Members to bring to Portals! We plan to continue to gain more access and development into the metaverse for our collection. Holding on to the collection will give you more benefits the longer you are a holder for future use in the metaverse. 

8) Merch & Summary
We plan to release merch for all of our Infected Gang Members. We are curious? What designs would you like to see, what kind of merch would you want to have? A sweater? A jacket? A t-shirt? A hoodie? Socks? Sweats? Let us know! We want to hear your voices and we want to bring you as a community what you want.


Greetings Gang, We are the team of the Infected Gang Members. Delighted to have you join us on our journey into the meta verse. We are a very motivated team that can overcome any hurdle you throw at us. We are very focused on costumer service and building a thriving community for many years to come.

Paul Bryant

Nova Launch Team




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